Thursday, December 4, 2008

Zimbabwe has problems!

Apparently, there is a huge cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe, which has claimed the lives of hundreds thus far. While the folks die, Mugabe is trying to hold on to the last vestiges of power. He is likened, and I don't mean to demean or degrade the Zimbabwean people whatsoever, to a roach holding on to a piece of turd (in regards to the Zimbabwean economy) trying to get all he can out of nothing.

On top of that, police broke up and attacked protesters who were protesting the government on their response to the latest cholera outbreak. Catching cholera in these times, is akin to catching polio or the black plague. People simply don't need to have this disease and countries, do not need to suffer because of it.

What do we do with Mugabe? You can't complain when things are good, and you get beat down when you complain when things are bad.

Mugabe, please leave Zimbabwe!
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