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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Misick is on the way out...

The hand writing is on the wall. Michael Misick, premier of the Turk's and Caicos Islands, is on his last legs as the leader of that country.

What an awful demise for such a bright man. I think it's best he steps aside, in any event, and allow himself the opportunity to come back at a much later date. He is not in his 50's yet and about half, or maybe, a full decade out of the hot seat, would serve him well when he decides, if he wants to decide, to be the leader of TCI again.

Right now, his party, the Progressive National Party (PNP), are going to hold a special vote this week to see if whether or not they should keep Misick, or not.

Misick states that moves to move him from office is unconstitutional, but, such is life--if they folks don't want you, they don't want you and, the guys who are the back-bencher's and, for that matter, the front bencher's, don't want to go down on your ship with you. So, they are deciding to save their own political careers and get rid of you--for now.

Reported in the Caribbean Net News today, nine out of thirteen MP's have signed a petition of no confidence on premier Misick--it's pretty bad.

Best of luck to TCI and their leadership crisis.
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