Sunday, December 7, 2008

We've been away...

Hello to all. Happy Sunday to each and everyone who pops in on this blog from time to time. I did not post anything yesterday, because I was off the island for a day trip to North-Abaco, Bahamas. Saturday's are days where I have a chance to really dig into allot of the issues a little more than most weekdays.

But, allot of things have happened in any event and I just want to give a little heads up to what I had a chance to hear, even though I was on a working trip and had little access and time to check in on the news or Internet to post how I wanted to.

1. We had an appointment of Gen. Eric Shinseki to be the next Sec. of Veteran's Affairs under the Obama administration. Some have reported mixed news and reviews on his reputation. Knowing the liberal media, any negativity, will be swept under the rug and all of his good points magnified. Thus far, people are heralding him with the idea of having a strong troop surge in Iraq. I think some folks just need to give it a rest with taking credit for any success in Iraq. The success in Iraq goes to Gen. Patraeus and Sec. Gates. There may have been folks who had the same idea or talked about it, but those two men are responsible for implementing the plan and understanding the importance of the matter on all sides. End of story!

2. We had an election--although this happened earlier on in the week-- in Romania. Details were unclear as to who had actually won, but, if it is anything better than many other Eastern European and African countries, then, Democracy is the real winner. But, then again, maybe not. The Social Democrats won the day. So, democracy may not be the overall winner after all. Ah well...folks can vote for who ever they want--even if its for a communist, fascist.

3. The UK and the EU cut interest rates. The UK cuts their rate to 2.0% and the EU cut rates on Dec 4th to 2.5%. The UK at its lowest since the 1950's. What does this all mean? Well, it may be an early Christmas present. Spend, spend, spend...Along with those two cutting interest rates, Denmark as well cut rates to 4.75% (will probably cut again early next year) and France, has pledged a Euro $26 billion package to assist with their ailing economy. France has been the only EU economy, to post growth in real GDP since this crisis began late 2007 and hit the toilet, in mid 2008.

That's all for now. More detailed analysis later on next week. Allot of interesting stories we are still following---the Argentinian pensions grab by Kirchner, which keeps getting more and more attention. And, the crisis, again, in Zimbabwe. The west has to act and act now to save a generation.

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