Friday, December 12, 2008

Capital Punishment letter...

Mr. Dudley Sharp has went on with another letter to the Caribbean Net News today. I have nothing more left to say to Mr. Sharpe in regards to commentary to the Net News. He can have the last word on that forum. Here is his latest article on the Net News, with a rebuttal of my second part of the Capital Punishment debate...

My second part....(also posted in the Caribbean Net News.)

The article posted here, has had a large debate on the issues as you will see in the replies. All I can say to the readers is I report, in fact, we, reported and you should decide.

His main point is that I qualified the capital punishment debate as subjective, but with my subjective outlook, he qualifies it as baseless because it would ultimately mean that the entire argument, is subjective including mine and hence valueless.

Well, perhaps he is right. My total underpinning on the merit of capital punishment is that it can't be proven as a universally accepted mode of deterrent....there simply is no evidence, where it aids or disrupts criminal activity, and in particular violent crime. Mr. Sharpe in fact agrees. So, I don't know why he would want to argue, or counter argue, from that premise?

My point is, however, and was always, is that in the Caribbean, it is not a deterrent and we have serious issues in regards to creating more college graduates than we do criminals.

I can say no more than that just there...


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