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Monday, March 16, 2009

Deviation: Why I blog?!?!

I decided to post a little deviation from the regular mundane issues I normally post to this little corner of cyber space.

Some may have wondered, well, Youri, why DO you blog? A song comes to mind....

"I blog because I'm happy...I blog because I'm free"...hehehehhe..


I blog, truly, because I love to blog. I am such a stuffy boring house boy, that this Internet thing, has taken up most of my time.

I, literally, can sit in front of this PC all day and read and post topics here as well as post topics, to my favourite blogs and communities.

If there was a job to blogging, I would be a happy worker.

Alas, there is no money in blogging--no matter how hard I have looked. Perhaps someone can share with me tips on how to make some bloggy money?

Be a political hit man? Put up ad's? You need traffic for that...and traffic, is what I'm trying to increase.

In any event, other than for the sheer heck of it, blogging, came as a result of a few friends telling me that instead of lurking and domineering other folks sites, I should do my own on what I'm interested in.

I thought it would have been difficult--especially putting in those hyper links, which took me weeks to even find let alone figure out-- but, everything has a learning process I guess.

So, in a nutshell, this is why I blog...the residuals of putting up your intellectual capacity to the world and for comment, is also a good thing. I love, LOVE the debate--when folks dare to step into the zone!


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