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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Inter-Governmental Organizations are doing their part!

I used to bash inter-governmental organizations and development agencies, for them being too intrusive in country decision making.

But, my outlook has changed DRAMATICALLY.... ever since working for one. You never know what you are up against, until you get involved.

Reason why? Because, I know what they are up against in trying to do good, with the framework for development that they have. In some cases, for example Africa, they have no development framework at all.

Org's like the IMF/World Bank/IADB/ADB and any other development institution, do not have it easy in regards to bringing change to the disadvantaged and developing what we have for best benefit.

This is why a good push by most org's has been towards educating professionals that are indigenous, for them to, in turn, go about and articulate what is needed on the ground, to how that may affect policy interventions and then, put that into some context in regards to their organization's development mandate.

The bottleneck's of culture; regulatory regimes and; in some cases, lack of political will, can and do kill a good initiative even before it started. Not on purpose, but because their is so much work that has to be done to get it right.

So, I can appreciate why the IMF and the World Bank, have attached to their lending practices, stipulations on what countries should do to make these interventions more effective.

Not all of the time the interventions or the regulations to facilitate the interventions are in sync with national realities of said dilemma's. But, in order to move forward, someone has to make it clear that this is the direction we must move in--even if national governments are for the intervention, to begin with.

I think, now, inter-organizations have been getting more of a bad wrap, than I think they deserve. In fact, many of them are mandated to "work" with governments.

It's more than tricky and I appreciate the work they do on alleviating poverty and regulating standards for a better world, more than I ever did right now!
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