Thursday, March 19, 2009

UK Unemployment at 2m!

I can't believe that UK unemployment is so high. Is this Brown's fault or is this really one of those things to do with the global economy?

Conversely, the BOE put out an agents' summary on business conditions yesterday that states that--among other things-- that investment intentions are still down and manufacturing output, is still contracting.

Well, considering that every other country is grappling with unemployment and the issues that are fueling it, he can't be made to blame. In addition to this, public sector jobs have now, in the FT report, outstripped private sector jobs--due to the job losses in the financial services sector.

But, in any event, 2m is pretty high.

The FT article does not state how that unemployment amount is deduced percentage wise, but it does show other information about; the amount of people now requesting unemployment assistance and; how many people are at the Job Centre plus..etc.

Will Gordon Brown still call for an election?

It appears so....
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