Saturday, March 28, 2009


I can't seem to keep my PC up and running. I was down for the last three days. Apparently, my jump drive, caused the issue this time too.

The first time it was the jump drive, having a virus--well two viruses-- on it. So, when I put my jump drive in the PC, after I cleaned it again due to overall viruses, the viruses, downloaded to my PC.

This time, I forgot to dislocate my jump drive from running on my PC. Causing the system to register the jump drive as active. And, since it was active and I shut my PC down without the proper dislocation, the PC was trying to load up from my jump drive...therein lies the issue. The PS was trying to boot-up from the jump drive, rather than from it's own operating system.

Will never do that again. But, it is such a bummer having to be down and then, having to upload all of the stuff I need on my PC all over again.

I have to re-download MS office, Adobe and a whole host of other stuff that makes using a computer, fun.

Ah's a learning experience.
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