Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mexico on the verge of collapse?

The reports from mostly all major news networks and agencies suggest that Mexico is on the verge of collapse--failed state alert. Phillipe Calderon, is trying to do what he can, but, is out manned and outgunned by the criminal elements in his country.

Perhaps this is what people would call "the throes" of the last remnants of the illegal drug lords in Mexico, in their effort to make the Mexican government lose their will against the fight against them?

Fat chance!

The drug lords, are as strong as ever. In addition, they have the support of the massive Mexican gang's like MS-13--who are even more brutal and massive in numbers, as their American counterparts the Blood's and Crip's. Maybe even more than them, combined.

It is widely reported that Mexican drug lords, have totally turned that country into a no-man's land. Particularly in the parts on the border of the USA. There is virtually no police force or proper security on their side of the border. The military has initialized and offensive within the border towns. But, the corruption of the Mexican government as well as the military, is endemic. Endemic, while American pay for illicit narcotics in record numbers.

The age old US war on drugs, as seen by many and mentioned by the president Obama, is ineffective and must be transformed. Decriminalization is the talk of the town. Something I am not in favour of. But, as we had with the alcohol prohibition, maybe, we can control it and gain revenue? (I don't imagine so)

What would this [decriminalization] do to Mexico? Perhaps nothing. But, it was a nice parry away from facing the issues at the border with illegal migrants--who are, not only, immigrants looking for a new life. But, nefarious criminals who get into the USA with ease.

The political lack of will to truly deal with the Mexican issue, is a responsibility held by both wings of the American government. Most are for good reason, but it is beyond any good reason to allow the mayhem to continue and then, spill into the lives of American's in the border towns. Regardless of liberation of the masses; cheap labour or; free trade, we have to take the Mexican crises, serious.

This issue has been spilling over at the border without a doubt. Would it be to the extent where there is a dramatic humanitarian crises, is not yet seen. But, what if there were to be a disaster, on the scale of Katrina that hit the Southern States that border Mexico and Mexico itself?

This would lead to a whole litany of issues. For example, what if the Mexican authorities lack the resources to respond effectively and in a secure manner? Refugee's would spill into the USA as well as contraband.

No doubt the US would have the national guard at the border, within a matter of hours. But, what if the response is weak and neglected--as Katrina was, in regards to some of the fundamental details on relief and security?

This raises another issue--the issue of deleterious agents, seeping into the USA at the peak of that crises? Who would be able to know and who would be able to track them?

And, then, what about Mexico? A total failed state, with mass protest and riots with the drug lords fueling the masses, could end up in a regime change in Mexico, which would make the efforts in the USA to cooperate, less favourable.

There are American citizens that live in those border states. People tend to forget that.

What can be done to ensure that now, and, even in the event that a catastrophe happens is beyond me. But, we have to take is serious. And, it is more than suggest xenophobia against Mexicans. It's a serious, global issue.

If the USA were attacked again and they were unable to truly trace their attackers for month's, the USA, may seize up as it did after the 9-11 attacks and would put the rest of the world in serious jeopardy.
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