Monday, March 23, 2009

Geithner ain't goin no where!

Why does everyone, well, liberals, want to get rid of Tim Geithner? It just seems so odd that they want to get rid of Obama's man?

I guess they really don't see Geithner as one of them. But, who else do you put on to runt he Treasury?

Also, I don't see any harm he's doing. It's not as if he has the heavy part of the economic portfolio. Thus far, Pres. Obama has three key figures, outside of Geithner, who he has reporting to him directly-- Summers, Romer and Orszag (LSE Grad).

The liberals just need to chill for a minute. The plan is to buy the bad assets. Simple. Not my best choice, but it appears to be the choice we can bear to live with--all of us. As we all know, some of us have greater social rights than others. **Hint Hint** Wall Street.
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