Monday, March 23, 2009

Over the last 2 weeks...

I just want to give a little heads up on some of the things that happened over the last 2 weeks, which I didn't have a chance to discuss but want to mention...

1. Madagascar had a coup. The opposition leader, Andry Rajoelina, is in. His cause; he couldn't win the government fair and square, in order to save the country from the monopolizing former leader, Marc Ravalomanana.

2. The British took the Turks and Caicos Islands into administration. Suspended the constitution for 2 years. (More on this from me as the week goes on) The TCI folks are pissed-- more hurt and embarrassed, than anything. But, it's not really about them, personally.

3. The French are rioting, again. This time the labour unions are stirring it up--higher minimum wages, is the big issue, among other things.

4. Morgan Tsvangirai's wife died in a car crash about three weeks back. Mugabe has offered condolences. He didn't do it. But, what do the people think?

5. Argentina is showing signs of more instability. Over the last few months, the government bought the private pensions market. This time, an election is in the air. I wonder who's doing is this, really? They say, Kirchner, the wife of the former president and current president of Argentina, wants it.

Ah was a pretty dead week in news, otherwise.

Oh, yea!! Plane crashes in Tokyo and Montana. A FEDEX plane and a personal jet, respectively.
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