Monday, March 16, 2009

UPP wins Antigua and Barbuda elections!

Incumbent UPP wins controversial elections in Antigua-Barbuda

This election was so incredibly funny, that if you were to have dressed all of the candidates up in clown suits, you would have had a full three ring circus.

Most elections have such utter craziness in the middle of the "issues"...

PM Baldwin Spencer, has another term to fill his mandate. His Party, the United Progressive Party (UPP), won the government again by a margin of 9 to 7 seats, beating the Antigua Labour Party (ALP), led by by former PM Lester Bird.

Bird had said that if he would have won, he would have not taken the top job and in turn, handed it over to his second in command.

Bad mistake and could have cost them the election. When you go to the polls, you vote for leadership in present and not leadership to be assumed.

In addition, Mr. Bird is a little old for the job. Born in the 1920's I think. Time to move on.

Also, the Allen Stanford scandal had the tiny little country rank with speculation and controversy. The ALP got most of the blame for having greater dealings with Sir Standford, but they all had some interaction with the financier from Texas.

I wish all the best for Antigua and Barbuda. Truly. The polls were relatively fair and even. I always welcome results when the people speak en masse.

Besides, both men are great men.
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