Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Act of God...or the CIA!

That's, apparently, what it will take for Barack Obama to lose this election. If he does, that's who most folks would blame it on. But, what if he does lose? What would happen? Would there be massive protests? Would McCain be ready, after all of this self defeatist talk? Would the American people accept it, and build possible excuses for it?

Perhaps all of it. But, one thing is certain, that whoever wins, change will come to Washington--even as obvious as it seems. Bush has to go. McCain is a Republican, but he sure is no GW. Obama is certainly not a Republican and neither does he have their tendencies--something which I hope we can work on. However, even if his cousin is Dick Cheney, change will come and that is welcomed.

So, as we watch and wait, we will see if whether or not the polls were slightly off, wrong, or, dead wrong! And then, wait to see what would happen after it may, possibly, call John McCain the next President of the USofA!

I shudder to think of what would happen to allot of folks in the USA. And, all of the folks in black countries all over the world, and, the black community in the USA at large, if Obama does not win. Simultaneous heart attacks! A storm on the White House....all too far fetched? Perhaps! But, we can only ponder these as possible a scenarios!

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