Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OECD predicts rebound by mid 2009!


Reported in the FT today, the OECD has put forward a report which states that the US and Euro zone, will contract until the end of May and see a turnaround by mid-June 2009.

If you remember, I posted an article on this site, which reported such a turnaround, albeit moderately, by the same period.

Reported in the Caribbean Net News...just to add that in!! LOL.....

I normally don't side with the OECD with tax issues and am not a staunch believer in their power to affect anything, however, their research is top notch and their record on the Global Economy and the G-8, in particular, is beyond match mate. Better than the IMF and the World Bank, combined, I feel.

Its just that their politics, is suspect!


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