Thursday, November 13, 2008

Harare in uproar. Mugabe should just give it up!

Hopefully, due to old age, at least, Mugabe would have to leave the leadership role in Zimbabwe. And, his successor, would be weaker in political strength.

Kudos and much respect to Morgan Tsvangirai, for having the courage to stick around and wanting, to lead Zimbawe amidst tremendous issues. Truth is, he should be the patron saint of Zimbabwe, after all is said and done.

The latest 'thing', is the rejection of a South African backed power sharing deal with the police force, once stated to be an outright tool of the government to be commanded by the MDC (Tsvangirai's party) after a deal was supposedly brokered for it. The deal is, now, the sharing of the police force with Mugabe's Zanu-PF party. Reported in the FT.

Who's side is South Africa on, in any event? One would think that they would be very critical of Mugabe? What gives? Maybe this latest issue of South-African diplomacy, has nothing to do with former president Thabo Mbeki, who has stepped down earlier this year. Maybe this is the new ANC foreign policy stance, in Zimbabwe.

This can only mean the certain death of the MDC. If this ANC decision is post Mbeki motivated, then, it is a bad one. The ANC can't be seriously, and, overtly pandering to the political populist sentiments in South Africa, with serious diplomatic courses that would affect Zimbabwe in a negative way--just to sure up support, it already has in the nationalist majority South African people. Its sad to see ego, take centre stage over what's best!

Mugabe, is a failure. He should be removed. No appeasement, for him, is going to work. Get rid of him. For a better Zimbabwe.

While Mugabe's call that colonialist pressures have sought to bring him down and to oppress the Zimbawe people, has been right, but, right, in the most modest of circumstances. This constant boogie man he keeps referring to in the "white man" is out of touch with reality. the people suffer because of his stupid pride. That's the overall reason, why he should just be taken out--he can't leave on his own.

The ANC and the South-African government, has taken a step back and has hindered progress in Zimbabwe. It was shaky to begin with with the power share of two military branches, the military to Mugabe and the police force to Tsvangirai, after the "elections". But, now, you want to give half of the police force and a sham of a finance ministry, to the MDC as well?

You have got to be joking!

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