Friday, November 28, 2008

What will Obama do?

This is the question folks in Washington must be asking themselves now, about the terrorist attacks in India-- a new ally in the global economic arena. What does, or, will, the Obama administration do? Well, what can he do, really? What's the incentive and why should he react, because some people say?

While the attacks are as heinous as they get. And, while the same Islamic fundamentalist mentality fuels it--quite obviously, even before we had confirmation on who it really is. Fact of the matter is, it is nothing new to India for it to be attacked by Islamo-fascists'. Saudi-Arabia too. They have all felt the sting of a major attack by these killers. To them, 9-11 happens and can happen every other week, on some scale or another. So, while India should accept pleas for sympathy, we should also be mindful of the ongoing media reports on how everyone should take this story, to dear heart and put it at the doorstep of Americans.

What do they expect Obama to do on behalf of America? What are they trying to do? The latest report, and it is not surprising by the American news media, is that they have an Israeli and American Jews holed up in a Mumbai office by Islamic militant gunmen--who by the way, hate being called terrorists. Dear God! Even the Islamic fundamentalist murders, hate being called terrorists.

Also, what else is deeply troubling, is that the phrase "American interests" has been used early, loosely and without sourcing, in the initial reports leading up to the facts coming in now. What a world we live in! Perhaps its just a low news cycle post presidential election, so the media needs something to drive the headlines. My goodness, they even brought back the playing cards and have Islamic terrorists of interest, plastered all over the television like missing children on milk cartons! It sounds like Bush in the lead up to the Iraq war with all of the false information floating around-- at least, so it seems.

I hope the issue of this is media vanity and commercialism- as simplistic as that sounds- and not an overall agenda, to drive the US president's foreign policy agenda to what certain lobbyist's would like for him to do.

But, in all seriousness however, why is their no clean and clear emphasis, even before we address how many "people"--not Jewish folks and not people of Jewish connections and not Israeli's and not Americans who like Israeli's-- but, "people", in general, holed up and have been killed by these terrorists--- who have no regard for any particular life? Why must they cheapen human life, by valuing one over the other, when it serves their purpose? And also, by doing so, using the notion of "symbol's" of US and Western interests to attack over the people attacked and killed, primarily? What about life in Mumbai and India in general, now, first and foremost and the thought of them living with this recent attack, afterwards? No considerations for that at all.

President Obama, had better tread very carefully on this issue. Some Americans already feel that he is a Muslim. In fact, they 'know' he's Muslim. I can hear them saying in certain quarters now; "do you mean to tell me, Jews and Americans, are taken hostage and holed up in India and President Obama did nothing and said nothing?" Aha!!! We knew it!! Obama hates Jews and does not support American values. President Obama is an anti-Semite and anti-American. We knew it all along. I can imagine the conventional wisdom's floating around in people's minds as I type this article.

On another light, it is no secret that Barack Obama wants to go into Northern Pakistan. He said this on many occasions on his campaign stump. He feels that North Eastern Pakistan and North Western Afghanistan, is where Osama bin-Laden and his band of terrorist thugs are hiding. Personally, with no proof and with just my experience to guide me, I feel that bin-Laden's dead. Or, he is so incapacitated, that putting out a video for him, would be more than a task and technically, he is dead.

Barring all of this, we have now--at least the American news media would want you to believe--is a situation where Obama would have to react and then act, on the facts now that 1. They have killed (as hyped as the media tried to make it) Americans and Israeli's and 2. India is a new ally of ours and the terrorists attacked their commercial centre, like the World Trade Centre's in 9-11 and 3. The impetus that a possible attack, on the suggested haven of the terrorists in Asia- even before it was confirmed that the terrorists in Mumbai were in fact Islamic- in the North Eastern Pakistan and Western Afghanistan, invading Pakistan and re-invading Afghanistan, again, is on the table because of the outrage displayed and the sheer shock value the media would want you to take into consideration.

Obama has to say something and give more than lip service, now. Bush is still the President. However, he does not want to act and make it appear as if he is going out on a war-hawk note. While these attacks give President Bush some vindication, in that taking the region, serious, in regards to the interests in very important G-20 countries in the region, India, Saudi-Arabia (who suffer more Islamo-fascist style attacks than does India) and Israel and a budding Pakistan, with both wars' in Iraq and Afghanistan. We should not overestimate the fact that Obama, should not act or react, because certain quarters in the Jewish community or the news media, would want him to act--for what ever reason.

The issues in the Middle East are not new. Israel has just as much issues with their own brand of Imperialism, to counteract all of the other Imperialist sentiments from Western powers and other Islamic Middle Eastern countries. The news media and the Jewish community in the USofA, does not set President elect Barack Obama's foreign policy. The terrorists will not stop, even if he invades the tribal area in Northern Pakistan.

Saying all of that, to say this, and that is Obama, while he campaigned on an anti-war stance, should not start a new war or create the thoughts of a new war, before he is even the actual president.

So, what should president Barack Obama, do? In my mind, nothing!
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