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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dumping on Palin!

I don't exactly quite understand why the dump on Sarah Palin? Oh, you know why? Because she is a threat in 2012. They are trying to make her weak before 2012, from both the conservative side and from the liberal media side.

Let's get something about human beings, right on top of the table. The fact that in order to be the man, you have to beat the man- in this case, the woman. Sarah Palin, has garnered the respect of the American people. She does not fit the typical mode of a politician, and not even for a woman politician. She is smart and sexy, to boot. Hillary Clinton, could never have looked so good, being so competent all at the same time. She is [Palin] going through a post election phase and McCain and herself, are paying the price for not winning the election-- the conservative Presidential wannabes are pulling out the Ginsu knives for this special carving of the rest of Sarah Palin's image.

But, the American people, and, people world wide are much smarter than that. There is not a darn thing wrong with Sarah Palin. She was not the reason John McCain lost, as it was any reason why Obama won or anymore reason to why McCain is the reason he lost. In fact, if it was not for Sarah Palin energizing the conservative base, McCain would not have gotten so far--as well as her garnering the female vote. The female vote, is something in which was in mind when they chose her, in the first place--regardless of her stance on the Roe vs Wade argument. Conservative Presidential wannabes know this and are trying to push her out of the picture. Sick? Nah!! Just politics!

Now, we have sorted out why the conservatives want her out of the picture. But now, lets turn to the liberal left loonies. The liberals want her out of the picture because, when she winds up in 2012, she will be a force to reckon with. The way I see it, Obama, will have a very tough cultural sell to the American people. That being, regardless of the high virtue of any president or wannabe, extolling the message of economic stability, you have to pass the cultural 'sniff-test'. Obama, has got to get it right, or, SEE-YA! How quickly the people forget that you, if, he does, guide them through this tough economic time. It will be no longer bon ton to say what a great African American young man we have in President Obama. And, no longer, will a Sarah Palin be thought of as a neophyte to American politics. The two shall meet and liberals, are wetting their pants, amidst this win, of the sheer thought of it in 2012.

In all honesty, the travesty of this election, is the bashing and subsequent depredation of Sarah Palin's image-- like Bush, Cheney, an old McCain and a worsening American and global economy, which many think were steered into by the three men mentioned, was not the reason the American people found Obama, palatable!

The references to her children, were cruel. The innuendos about her husband, were out of order. The attacks on her, because she was pretty and smart, through the disgusting Hustler porn movie, was an all out outrage. The liberal media's portrayal and attack on her, using those very same lines, was unforgivable and the American people, will continue to watch and follow other forms of information sources, because it was simply just too much on one woman, who had the audacity to be a leader in these tough times.

If Sarah Palin were to be back in 2012, and, Obama does not deliver--I don't care who he is--I support the American people in voting him out and putting her, in. Obama would understand and he had better deliver.

But, the truth of it is, and whether or not the liberals and the Democrats realize this, is that Obama, has almost been granted, even though he has to run again, the right to win again in 2012. I say that, to say this; 1. He came in at a time where it has no other choice but to get better, 2. He is a really nice guy and everyone likes him, 3. He does not appear to have that twinge of corruption, looming around him like so many others and 4. If he keeps being, well, Obama, why not give the young man 8 years---8 years of Obama, even as a lame duck, would be better than anything the doctor ordered, in regards to 'real' change and the incentive and the capacity to do it.

So, Sarah Palin may run into another problem in 2012--Obama! But, the dumping on her, by all parties involved, should stop, because, it is just flat out disgusting and it may actually work against you and hurt your chances in the future, through the American people seeing that you are just too power hungry, for us to take serious.

America has changed. Race politics and the politics of attack, are over. They did not get Obama the win and neither did it help McCain and neither will it get anyone a win, in the future.

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