Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello from Global View Today!

Hello to all,

My first post. And, welcome to Global View Today! My name is Youri Aramin Kemp and I am the owner, or, the moderator or what ever they call a guy who bums a free blog from a system.

A little bit about myself;
I am a late 20's Bahamian male, residing in the Bahamas presently. I went to St. John's College HS and graduated in 1996. I worked for a heap of places, family business included, while I was starting community college at the Bahamas Baptist Community College. In 2003 I went off to St. Thomas University in Miami Florida, where I finished my B.A. degree in Psychology, cum laude, and with minors in Political Science and Philosophy. I was supposed to be a doctor- medicine- but chose Psychology as it sounded more appealing.

I then worked for the Four Seasons Resorts' and Casino in Great Exuma, before starting my tenure with the Bahamas Government, with the Department of Social Services, attached to the Urban Renewal division. I then took up studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science, on a full post graduate award scholarship in 2006, where I completed my MSc. in Comparative Politics and Markets, leaving behind any thoughts of being a Psychologist and making headway into international affairs and business, as I should have been in the first instance now that I look back at things. Working in business, is something I have a knack for and really, having worked in a family business as well as having worked for business for a period of time, especially one of the biggest businesses in the Bahamas- Restaurants' Bahamas Ltd and Abaco Market's. The latter, really was not a good business experience and hated it, and never want to think about it as much as I do other experiences.

In any event, before I left the UK, I worked for Penrose Financial as an intern and then with I.Q. Research as a Business Development/Operations Analyst.

I am currently working for the Inter-American Development Bank, as a consultant to the Multi-Lateral Investment Fund, working with the private sector in regards to providing consultancy on possible MIF grant assistance from the IADB- as well as providing operational and developmental consultancy, for said projects!

As for this blog, along with loving the Internet and international affairs, I am wanting to write some thoughts and opinions on world events--not entirely Caribbean and Latin American centric. However, if that comes across, then, take no offence as I have a special and obvious experience in the region.

My true passion is International Affairs and Economics, equally. Business is second nature and if I undertake studies again, it would be business oriented.

Enjoy this blog and my thoughts! Feel free to join!

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