Thursday, November 20, 2008

South Africa blocks aid to Zimbabwe!!

Apparently $30 million dollars worth of agricultural aid to Zimabwe, citing that the disorganization and the seemingly un-willingness of Zimbabwean officials to come together to form a unity party, is at the root cause.

Simply put, why would anyone give anything to any government, which does not have a credible government in place? Who would you give it to? You may as well throw the money up in the air!

In any event, the recent set backs in Zimbabwe, chronicled in this blog,, have most likely been the straw that broke the South African government's back. This is surprising for them to do so, seeing that it was a Thabo Mbeki deal, this power sharing deal and, for the recent ousted Mbeki, for the new ANC leadership to adopt his foreign policy in regards to Zimbabwe--and that is to break the back, further, of Mugabe! I never would have guessed they, the new ANC leadership with Zuma at the helm, would back or even give any form of endorsement to an Mbeki foreign policy. I guess Mbeki was not such a bad guy after all. Perhaps it was all about domestic politics, asking him to step down in Zimbabwe.

In addition, the AFP reports that, guess who is going back to Zimbabwe in a new round of negotiations---Thabo Mbeki!! Go figure!!!

In any event, formal, or, informal sanctions on Zimbabwe, would not phase Mugabe and will hurt Zimbabweans, just as much as they have been hurting under the Zanu-PF's stranglehold. Missing $30 million in aid for farms, won't matter much when you have never had the luxury of having any aid, at any time, ever.

I repeat my clarion call before on this blog's policy position to Robert Mugabe; Mugabe needs to go!!! No time for talks. Action. Just go. Elections need not take place again. The world has to act as he just does not care what happens to the people of Zimbabwe. Its patently obvious.

Zimbabwe can be saved. It has potential.

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