Saturday, November 22, 2008

Impending 'change' in the Turks and Caicos?

Will there be change the next time around in the TCI? Questions remain about the current government and the seemingly impending 'change' to come, from Premier Michael Misick to somebody else, anyone, who does not apparently spend $1.7 million on a private plane and less on aid to Hurricane victims-- so Opposition leader Floyd Seymour alludes to, in an article reported in the Caribbean Net News on the 21st of November, 2008.

The opposition party, as small as they are in the TCI house, led by Mr. Seymour, are swinging directly for the head (pun intended). I like the spirit of the democracy in TCI from that aspect; "it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but its the size of the fight in the dog." And, Seymour, while his opposition is extremely small in numbers, has allot of fight in him for the people of TCI--or so it seems! Premier Misick had high dreams and hopes for the folks in TCI as well and look how that's turning out, now?

Misick has apparently gone mad. And as a matter of personal observation, its worse than mad--Misick went Hollywood, baby!!! Really and truly. He married--for how ever long it lasted-- an 'average' (by Hollywood standards) made for television actress in Lisa Raye (nee) McCoy-Misick and it all started and quite seriously, ended there for him. The marriage crumbled and in the most public and disgraceful way, from; allegations of rape of Mrs. Misick's 'friend'; the tampering with evidence and witness intimidation; to fights in the premier's mansion between in-law clans; and now an apparently messy divorce to come. I guess he must now asks himself, "where did it all go wrong?"

Well, perhaps it was too much for him, to begin with?

Allot of commentators have called his premiership a 'disgrace' and 'an utter failure'. While words so strong would not come from this writer, I too am sort of disappointed in the entire Turks and Caicos affair! To be fair, he really was a fairly young man when he became Premier of the TCI. He was unmarried and was untested to the pressures of high public office. Perhaps his seemingly demise, should be monitored by all leaders and "want to be" leaders in the Caribbean, who seek high public office but are untested, personally and professionally. Which leads to the other side of this fiasco unfolding in the TCI-- the calls for mismanagement of the TCI finances!

Its reported now, from opposition leader Seymour, that they are sending in public managers to the TCI in order account for public finances. This is a sweeping indictment on Misick. Not only can't he keep it low-profile and do the people's business, but they have to send in external auditors to attack his ability to manage, entirely? The TCI is still a protectorate of the United Kingdo and it is they that are coming to give this "audit". This is simply a slap in the face and the time is apparently winding down for Misick. Sad. All Seymour has to do is have a few high profile and relatively well covered trips to Britain; organize a few public protests; call for a referendum and an early election and, by force or by vote, Misick will be gone by the end of next year 2009.

But, through all of this, it serves a good lesson to all aspiring leaders in the Caribbean-- especially one's who are still protectorates of their former colonial powers-- to lead with impeccable measure and, make sure that your professional ability and personal character are beyond reproach in addition to it being above that of your peers-- try to keep it that way as much as possible!! While we all fall short of God's glory, my goodness, try to be the best, anyways!

Alas, TCI folks, if they are in anyway conservative and forgiving like their cousins up north, the Bahamians, Premier Misick will step aside for a year or two and re-surge--if his fate is as grim as this authors sees it, now.

I'm a good ol'e Bahamian boy. I know how laid back and how 'personal' politics in towns like ours and TCI goes. I can throw stones on TCI soil, from our Southern most island. We have a running joke in this town that if you haven't seen your friend in a long while, he is either in jail, Freeport or Turk's Island. Mr. Seymour could easily be my cousin. Our countries share the same Bishop--who, by the way, has been having thee longest retirement, EVER! So, I know how 'we' go! Because, we always forgive and forget, first, any leader with a dodgy current and even dodgier past, may get a pass at a later time, or, even before his term ends if said leadership is doomed as it appears with Premier Misick. And, then, most certainly, if the next leader isn't worth his salt, folks begin to clamour for the 'good ol'e days of (Insert said leader, here)-- after, of course, they make the folks see how "really", poor, the leadership under these new guys, really is.

Also, of course, after the same thing Mr. Seymour is doing to Premier Misick now, happens to Seymour or some other leader of TCI and after Misick says how much he; "apologizes for the misconceptions that happened under his leadership"; and also says how "allot of things that happened, he was not made aware of by some in his Cabinet members and members of the public service"; and also prattle on about how he has "learned from his past errors"...blah, blah, blah...all things will be forgiven!

In any event, Premier Misicks' relatively young. He can pull it off if he waits it out. No harm no foul. Besides, he would have experience on his side.

But to reiterate, it does not look good now for Misick in TCI. The understatement of the year!

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