Monday, November 17, 2008

Secretary of State Clinton?

I have my doubts about the title of this blog entry. Here's why!

I don't think Sen. Hillary Clinton is being seriously reviewed for the position, anymore than anyone else. I think the news media, particularly the left wing television and newsprint; MSNBC; CNN and the NY Times, are putting more emphasis on her being called for an interview than she actually being seriously considered, over anyone else.

Fact is, she is not the only pony in the race, with serious diplomatic credentials; Sen. John Kerry, who should get the job; as well as former Gov Bill Richardson, a former ambassador and who served in the Clinton White house, are more favourable to Obama and palatable to his domestic interests and relating that to his foreign policy, than that of Hillary Clinton.

Sen. Kerry, for starters, gave Obama his first shot on the national stage, at the 2004 Democratic Convention. He lost his bid. But, gave Obama, the kind of push-start to his national career that he needed. Clinton, in fact, promoted Barack Obama's rival in an Illinois congressional seat, Kareem Rush, when they did not have to. Their policy at the time was that they would never get in the middle of a democratic primary--but, they did and it cost Obama, through the Rush endorsement, a congressional seat. Kerry, has also been very close to Obama on the House Foreign Service committee. He has been a very good and ardent supporter, while being a very keen mentor and guide, to Obama on the committee. Kerry, is my all out favour. Even more importantly, Kerry may do better with undoing this mess in the Middle East, while gathering our allies post-war.

Bill Richardson is also a second choice, before Hillary Clinton. His stance of "conviction', rather than that of a "Judas", before it was certain if whether or not Obama was out of the woods in the Democratic run-off against Clinton, allowed me to respect his political candor and savvy, simultaneously, while being under fire from activists like the "Ragin Cajun" James Carville, who coined the term "Judas" to Richardson as well as milk-toast sycophants like Lannie Davis, who is more of a hanger-on than a strong political pundit.

Richardson was also the ambassador to the UN under the Clinton's. While it may be that he should have had more respect for Clinton, I think his choice to move beyond their loyalty, was justified. He simply though Obama was going to be a better President and, at the time, candidate than Hillary Clinton. Nuff said. Forget about it and move on. Or, you have to ask yourself, why, after all of the favours and positions Richardson got under the Clinton's, did he still decide to 'diss' them? Familiarity breeds contempt? Or; I know you too well, to know you are not fir to be President? You take your pick!!

In any event, as said, I think the left wing media is making more out of her call for an interview- which in itself is insulting to a political heavyweight like Clinton- would like for Obama to throw a bone to Sen. Hillary Clinton, for her to seem as if she would and is be in the deep mix and for them to save face and their ego's; having that their candidate, was simply not wanted!

But, Does anyone out there, really think that after a hard fought battle like what they had in the Democratic Primary 08, President-elect Obama would want a Hillary Clinton next to him-- a very strong rival just months before and who may still be considering a Presidential run in the future? The Democratic primaries allow for party members, to challenge their elected incumbents at any level of political office.

The left wing media, while they may accept and find President-elect Obama, refreshing, are still in the tank for "their girl". Its obvious. CNN has just asked the question, now, as of this morning, if whether or not it may be a step down for her and, if accepting the role of Secretary of State, would hurt her chances of running in 2012. The media's position is quite obvious. They are trying, after they put her out, for her to save face under any circumstance. They pushed it. So, they are responsible for Sen. Clinton's disgrace.

If I were President-elect Obama, she would be out of the running and I would not even think about the political back-lash. The folks would get over it. They voted for you, anyways. You are going to be the next President of the USofA. You really do not need Sen. Hillary Clinton. Besides, can you trust her? TELL HER TO GET ALONG!

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