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Friday, November 21, 2008

The French wants to send troops to the Congo!

Well, it took them long enough for the French Foreign Minister, Mr. Kouchner, to use the power of the EU presidency through President Sarkozy, to get on the ball in sending troops to the Congo. The Belgians seem to back this, as well. Not surprised. And, not because they share a common history on the colonization of the Congo. But, it is typical of them, to send troops, and at this time, EU troops, to 'oversee' the mess in the Congo.

I am very skeptical of the motives of both the Belgians and the French, pushing for military intervention in the Congo. Why not the Sudan?

I can understand now why the Germans are giving this initiative a 'cool' reception. Basically, why do you want to send troops, EU troops and not necessarily French or Belgian, respectively, for the EU countries to clean up the mess in the Congo, which you helped to create and which you probably are aiding!?!?! Tacitly or allowing to happen!!

I am not convinced that in the French and Belgian circles, Nkunda, the renegade Tutsi general, is not being supported by one, or, either both of the former colonial powers.

We will have to wait and see.....I am not for French or Belgian intervention.

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