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Monday, November 3, 2008

November 4th means "Power to the People"...

I think it would only be fitting that I dedicated my 'second' post on this board and topical to this board's purpose, to the upcoming November 4th, 2008 US Presidential Elections.

I support Barack Obama, 75%. While I make no reservations in saying that I am a, GASP, "Black Conservative", and, unashemedly support the Republican party on most issues- economic, poltical and social- I am, in Colin Powell fashion, supporting Obama, anyway!

While it may appear to be a racist move. And it is a racially motivated decision. Fact of the matter is, in its racist way, that is what America needs right now. Maybe this would put a new spin on the race argument in that racism, may not all the time be a bad thing. You can have good racism. Like Obama's case. The fact that he is black, lends itself to the sentiment that anyone, from anywhere, can one day become the President of the most powerful country in the world. Only in America! True indeed. This more than lifts the spirits of the American people, from all races, creeds and colours, through securing and solidifying in them the notion that you CAN sucede in the United States of America, despite the odds and despite the stranglehold elites have on Washington DC. After these last 3 years, in particular, America needs a national 'feel good' moment. McCain can't deliver that, I feel. And, more importantly, Obama ain't a dumb dude! He really can be the President of the USA--I place more confidence in him, than most of the other Presidential nominee's in the last 8 years, barring a Kerry and maybe Gore. Even though they were Democrats, they had an intellectualism that made them appear competent, and capable, over anyone in the race. But, being smart, does not necessarily mean you should be the President of the USofA--just ask both of them.

However, as said, it is support at 75%. Fact of the matter is, is that the Democratic party, is a party of hypocrisy on social issues and socialist in its economic policies. Forget about the war, even though it is tied to another issue- foreign policy- which is very much important to my decisions for Obama, as well. For one, I do not like higher taxes. While I am a Bahamian, and it [American tax hikes] does not affect me directly, higher taxes means less money for people to spend in the Bahamas on vacation. And, higher taxes on investors making over $250k, means, possibly, less foreign direct investment to the Bahamas. That, my friends, is why I am supporting Obama at only 75%. Hopefully, the 'good vibes' and change in global conceptualizations on foreign policy from the US to other countries, would be a good thing, globally. The US has a dangerous foreign policy for itself and its allies and it has lost respect in the world. Hopefully, Obama can restore that and give confidence to the US explorer, en masse, even though they may have less to spend.

On another issue, and it is about race, the Democratic party cannot be serious, with their racist history, compared to the party of Lincoln and Nixon, President's who put teeth in any notion of national equality, to that of George Wallace and their current Pro-Tempiore, Sen. Robert Byrd. Give me a break! At least, if you want to be fair about it, let me keep my LOW taxes if you want to continue the stupid remnants of racist ideologies, in such a "discreet" manner. And, with that matter, the ascension of Obama's rise to political prominence, is borne out of the ashes and live remains of "race politics". The only reason that the Democrats found a black man to run for president before the GOP, is because they have, historically, more black people in their party--and it ain't because of their virtues on racial equality. It is because of their exploitation, through their white established elite promotion of guys like Jackson and Sharpton, who are race baiter's and way past their prime in regards to helping black people. They do more damage than they do help. Tawana Brawley and Jackson's illegitimate child, exposes their hypocrisy and dangerous racist rhetoric, individually. Furthermore, it is no secret black's have, at the same time having tremendous voting power, not been going to the polls as of late for the Democratic party and, rather, not voting or turning conservative--like me! So, Obama's rise to prominence, has more of a fabric of a highly calculated political risk, rather than any form of giving equality to black people and showing that, through his successes.

While I know full well, if I was a black American or a white columnist, I would be excoriated and put to public ridicule, for such ridiculous positions-or so it seems. But, we have to look at issues, objectively. And, that is as objective and as fair as you would get, considering the controlled "liberal" media!

More importantly, the Democrats are abortionists, at their core and make no bones about it. Roe vs. Wade is no laughing matter. I, as a black male, as the majority of the western African cultures are tied to their religion, take Roe vs. Wade as an egregious error of the civil rights 60's. While I feel that abortion, in the case of damage to the mother, is the only viable cause for abortion, the democrats, want that and the wholesale right, to abort up to the first year of birth--I really feel that way, when we factor in who supports partial birth abortion. And, by the way they lobby on the issue in totality, it does not sound far off. I find it so hypocritical that the party who screams for "human rights", would so careless and loose, in regards to children in the womb--the most defenseless of all of us!

So, while November 4th, means "Power to the People"...I will enjoy the moment, with guarded optimism about America and my future, in the Bahamas, as a result of consequences levied by the USA through policy, which affects little ol'e me, down here!

That's how I feel about it. Otherwise than that, I am happy for this historical moment in history, more importantly, western black history.
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