Saturday, November 15, 2008

So 'French'...the Congo deserves better!

Is it me, or does the crisis in the Congo sound so 'French'? Not like the General behind the rebels in the Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, to be exact, first name; Laurent. However, it reeks of French secret intelligence operatives, aiding the General!?! the DRC was the former home of former and dead President Mobutu. He sure 'helped' his country, didn't he?

I mean, this crisis just seems so 'French'. The thing they did in the Ivory Coast, the same thing they did in Lebanon and the same thing they tried in Vietnam, buying off the rebellion to create upheaval in their former colonies. The French just have not ever gotten it right--maybe they don't care!!?! Say what you want about the British and the Americans, they at least try to aid one rebellion, the MI6 and the CIA respectively, instead of creating and supporting rebellion after rebellion!

In any event, the issue in the DRC is reaching critical mass. This is, yet again, another issue in Africa to be on the look out for, aside from the implosion in Zimbabwe and the crimes being committed in The Sudan.

The problem is, in a nutshell, a mixture and mis-understanding of ethnicities, exacerbated by their former colonial impressions, imprinted upon them and the money, in the case of the "Congo", Belgian and French influences-- this is the root of it, from a population perspective.

For us, we have now, the French and Belgian influences, to the Hutu and Tutsi influences, to the varying linguistics and tribes within the Hutu and Tutsi clans, all made, yet again, worse by their confusions about territory and forced congregation amongst each other, between country to country, all with the French, possibly, backing the rebellious militias--I assume the latter. Although, to me, if it walks like a know the rest!

Enough of the short history, let's get down to the issue at present. General Nkunda, is advancing on the DRC province of Goma after beating back the DRC forces. The President of the DRC, President Joseph Kabila, the son of the former president, has had 'trouble' with this rouge general, to say the very least!

Nkunda, is fighting, so he says, for the rights of his Tutsi people in the DRC, who are still being attacked and killed by Hutu rebels and the DRC military, with President Kabila's blessing-- although he denies the claims. Nkunda, is also, reportedly, recruiting fighters from neighbouring Rwanda--the country of the greatest genocide in African history. A reported 1 million, thereabouts, Tutsi were killed in the massacre.

My thing is now, who is giving Laurent money and how is he funding fighters, amidst two 'governments' in Africa? Kabila and, Rwandan President Kagame, are, by all intents and purposes, no way near the African killers of the past who held the post of President. So, what is Laurent Nkunda, trying to do?

Well, the twist to this story is, is that he is being supported by Rwanda. There is no way, he can be between two countries, without help from the inside and the government, of one. Kagame, is a leader of the 'new' Rwanda, who is also, a Tutsi. So, he has a vested interest, in seeing a unified African-Congo-Rwandan belt--for nationalist reasons. Kagame was installed after the genocide and has ruled Rwanda, ever since.

In the meantime, nothing at the front, seen, is ever what it is. When there are 'un-governable zones' in unstable regions, like the one created by Nkunda in the eastern DRC and western Rwanda, is probably a hot-bed of illegal activity. Drugs, guns, 'of course, guns', women, and, any illegal contraband you can find. The more things apparently change, the more they stay the same.

FYI: France is the only country, to have posted a growth in GDP in the Euro zone, this quarter. Everyone else, is in a recession!

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