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Monday, November 10, 2008

Brown bounces back! Well, sort of!

Gordon Brown, the once embattled Prime Minister of the UK has just bounced back from growing unpopular poll numbers, which suggested that his stint in charge, was, all but done. Thank God for the financial crisis. He could not have looked better.

Gordon Brown took advantage of this growing crisis, to implement the changes to the financial system the England needed, in order to bolster it from as much of the negative impact from the global financial crisis. His leadership, has included not just a re-capitalization of bank's, some by force. But, a competent and palatable nationalization, the other dirty "N" word, of at least one major bank in England- Northern Rock.

Thing's are going so well right now, there is talks of an early election- one like the one he was threatening to call in early to mid 2007, only to back off when the poll numbers indicated that he would lose out to the opposition rising star; David Cameron. Cameron, once jokingly in the house said that when a reporter asked Brown about if he would still call an early election, if the poll numbers stated otherwise at the time- favourable to him- would he still have called of the election. Brown answered, "YES"! To the roar and jeering of the opposition bench, Cameron answered; "you must be the only leader in history, to have called off an election because he thought he would have won it." That would have been rather stupid, now wouldn't it Mr. Brown!?!?!

But now, things look different. Brown is back, baby! He has put Engerland on the map, with his leadership through this global financial crisis. He set up a system and template, which governments in Europe and world wide, could follow and have followed in regard to bolstering their financial systems. He looked brilliant. Brown is in his element when economic crisis or issues are abound. But, can he whether this storm, with conditions still bleak economically? Will the folks turn on him anyways, as a weak and floundering economy, no matter how much nationalization and re-capitalization is done, can still put folks, off. Let's face it, broke is broke- regardless how much Brown says he has done.

So, the issue is, will it be enough for him to ride it out, for the long haul? Will Cameron find the mix, again? Pundits in the UK, were putting Cameron off to the election after next, in any event. Giving him the "okey doke" and were willing to give an aging Brown, one shot in the general election. But, after the last Conservative Convention and with the unfavourable EU signage of the Lisbon treaty, things have changed and it went in Cameron's way.

But, as this blogger has indicated, things have changed, AGAIN! Mutterings around #10 Downing Street, have the sounds of early election swelling in the air. Wrong time for the conservatives as well. They have lost their command of the economic issue to date; the Shadow Chancellor is embroiled in a kick back scandal; conservatives have had a past, they have failed to clean up, filled with racist tendencies against their large population of minorities; they lost the working class during the Thatcherite privatizations and with Brown showing good sound economic face, and his willingness to nationalize, won him some new fans- including me.

However, we will see. I predict an early election in the UK, in any event. Told my friends as much as well. I give it til mid-next year, for Brown to call or, quiet "rumours" -depending on the polls- of an early election.

But, things are heating up in cold wet England!

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