Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clinton will be called...

Well, much to the surprise of this author, Sen. Hillary Clinton will be named the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, some time next week (as early as Monday) by team Obama.

I am not one who thought that it was possible. I thought that there were many other qualified and competent persons, surrounding and supporting Obama, that would have made a better fit for the position than Mrs. Clinton. For example, Bill Richardson and John Kerry. But, alas, sometimes folks like us see it a little differently and don't get it to be played out in our way.

Sen. Clinton's name was dropped a few weeks back as her being "seriously" considered for the position. The media was more than delighted to carry the story to the public. Hillary is their girl, you see!!

I have to ask the question on Sen Clinton's sincerity, however. What about Health Care!?!?! How can Sec of State Hillary Clinton, champion American health care from Indonesia--if she happens to have to travel there--or any where else in the world? I don't see how she would be able to champion her top cause, being the Sec of State. Perhaps team Obama would have her doing double duty. (joking)

While my position on her filling the post is laid out quite clearly in another article on this blog. The damage she can possibly create, may have not have been a big issue to team Obama as it obviously will be. One big issue to note, the connections and dealings of her husband, former president Bill Clinton, with leaders and donors to his foundation in particular. Team Obama has placed numerous stipulations in regards to the "openness of Clinton's dealings and donors" from years prior and placed an additional stipulation, which puts former president Clinton on a "leash" of sorts, where he would have to clear his travel itinerary with the state department before he makes a move anywhere overseas.

This is rather embarrassing, having no framework laid for building the capacity to trust the former president. This is a bad precedent for any new employee; "we like you and trust you, but you have to clear things with us first" , especially to have it done to a former president or first lady.

In any event, we wish the new duo (of sorts) the best of luck!

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